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Patrick Torres, the "Business Mentalist" for your Virtual Team Building

Patrick Torres is a mentalist who has performed with companies and organizations around the world with his Mentalism Show.

 These shows, which now also take place via video conference, convey wonder, laughter and positive energy through the screen.  They will brighten the days of your teams, your employees, your customers and their families.


 Patrick's mentalism show is the perfect opportunity to connect remotely and create a unique bond between each member of your teams.


 Patrick adapts each of his shows and personalizes them according to his audience.  It will therefore call your customers, employees and / or their families by their first name and invite them to participate in its live numbers.

 And this is where the magic happens: Patrick will create a real connection using techniques of influence, mind reading, suggestion and magic.  A striking combo that will have the gift of transporting its spectators.


3 ideas to stay connected with your customers and employees

Thank your employees


Do you want to mark the occasion and thank your employees for the quality of their work?  And you're right, team minds are precious and your employees deserve a fun time.

 The advantage of Patrick's show?  Everyone can participate !  No matter where each member of your team is, the show takes place via video conference.  The Cyber ​​Show will thus bring everyone together for a fun and mysterious moment.  Take the opportunity to invite their respective families so that this show is a real moment of sharing and cohesion.

Improve Team Spirit

Increase the productivity and team spirit of your employees by offering them a unique event.

Patrick's Cyber ​​Show connects your teams remotely and represents the ideal solution for a virtual team building.  Your employees will have a good time, laugh, participate.  And, besides being in total connection, they will enjoy a show they will remember for a long time.


Impress and thank your customers

Do you want to make a gesture and thank your customers for their loyalty? Offer them an interactive show from the comfort of their home. They will appreciate the originality of the show and will be extremely grateful for having discovered this new entertainment.

And for an ever more engaging and entertaining activity, your customers can even participate with their families.


What do they say about Patrick's show?



Questions & Answers

What is a Cyber Show ?

It is an interactive show that combines psychology, influence, magic and theatre, on Zoom.

Why choose Patrick?

Patrick's style is totally suited to business. Used to corporate events, he is able to personalize his performances to your image and offer his show in French and English.

What is the best time for The Cyber Show ?

Patrick is used to working with companies all over the world and will adapt to your time zone.

There are several things to consider before choosing the best time for The Cyber Show.

If you want to make the show part of a one-day online convention, the best time for The Cyber Show will be late morning.

For a week-long convention, a good time will be mid-week and late afternoon.

For an event with your employees or your customers with their families, it is recommended to schedule it in the evening.

How long does a Cyber Show last?

The show can last anywhere from 5 to 75 minutes. It could be a five minute trick at the start of the day to energize your conference or a full 60 to 75 minute show.

What is the best platform to watch the Cyber Show?

Zoom is Patrick's platform of choice for its flexibility and versatility. This is the platform that allows the best interaction between the participants. However Patrick can do his show on other existing platforms such as MEETS, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeetings, etc.

How many people can participate?

It depends on your needs. Patrick has already done events ranging from 5 to 850 participants.

What is the price for a Cyber Show?

Rates vary according to your needs and desires.

Each service is different and the length may vary, but the quality of the service always remains the same.
All you need to do is communicate your needs to Patrick and his team (reason for the event, duration, number of participants, possible customization, etc.) and they will come back to you quickly with a personalized offer.

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Case Study

L'Oréal Luxe - Middle East

Patrick was tasked to prepare a 40 minute Team Building for L'Oréal Middle East.

After a close collaboration with one of the managers for the organization of the Team Building, Patrick was able to create 3 original mentalism moments using their products and logo.

loreal case study.jpg

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